Law Firm Uisung

Practice Areas

As one of the well-known regulated industries, the health care field is subject to prudent regulations under various laws such as the Medical Act, the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, and the National Health Insurance Act when establishing and operating hospitals and clinics. Law Firm Uisung promises to prevent various disputes and business risks caused by the unique legal relationships of hospitals andclinics in advance and successfully fulfill the requests of clients based on our experience of successful consulting.

  • Major Practice Areas
    1. Consultation on opening of medical institution and establishment of medical corporation
    2. Consultation on contract for M&A of medical institution, joint investment and partnership
    3. Consultation on management of medical institution (civil affairs, labor, medical advertisement, riskmanagement and review of various contracts, etc.)
    4. Consultation on means of coping with various medical actions such as medical accidents in hospital, etc
    5. Consultation related to on-site due diligence by the Ministry of Health & Welfare, and Medical Service Act and National Health Insurance Act
    6. Consultation on medical tourism business
    7. Consultation on business alliance between medical institutions, and with public institution or private company