Law Firm Uisung

Practice Areas

Medical litigation is a field that requires a high level of expertise, unlike general damages lawsuits. Medical expertise is required throughout the entire process from the initial stage of dispute to the stage of litigation, and since the truth is identified based on medical records, clinical experience and medical and legal knowledge is essential. Law Firm Uisung has experience in handling numerous lawsuits with our lawyers who are medica specialists, and presents the optimal solution from the client's point of view with unrivaled know-how.

  • Major Practice Areas
    1. Handle medical litigation and arbitration application case of Korea Medical Dispute Arbitration and Mediation Agency
    2. Review medical records for determination of mistakes in medical services provided
    3. Analysis of responsibilities of insurance policy holder and person with joint responsibility for illegal action
    4. Present measures to be taken through prediction by means of analysis of similar cases and precedents
    5. Secure evidences through physical examination, appraisal of medical records, and inquiries on facts of the appraisal resultsbr
    6. Civil agreement between hospital and patient
    7. Works related to preservative measures prior to filing of litigation