Law Firm Uisung

Practice Areas

Uisung Law Firm is providing comprehensive legal services for overall legal issues, including general civil and criminal litigations, household affairs litigation, and various provisional seizure and injunction litigation, etc. based on our knowledge and expertise acquired by providing legal consultations and conducting lawsuits over the last several decades.

  • Major Practice Areas
    1. Litigation on sales, leasehold right and rental right of and eviction from real estate
    2. Litigation on various provisional seizures, injunction (eviction, prohibition of business hindrance, prohibition of use of trademark and tradename, prohibition of uploading in internet and prohibition of reputational damages, etc.)
    3. Execution of enforced execution procedures such as auction and sequestration, etc. in accordance with adjudication
    4. Constitutional litigation related to various legal violatio
    5. Preliminary legal review and agreement on behalf of client for partnership dispute and copyright violation, and intellectual property rights litigation
    6. Legal consultation on inheritance, gift, assets and trust
    7. Various household affairs litigation (divorce, invalidation of adoption, claim for confirmation of existence of biological parental relation, an action demanding affiliation, etc.)