Law Firm Uisung


John Kang


  • Career details
    1. Graduate School of Law, Sungkyunkwan university (Law(civil law), completed coursework)
    2. Advisor, Lawfirm Uisung (2022-Current)
    3. Represenative, Medicology, Inc. (2021-Current)
    4. Advisory board member, Korean Emergency Medical Association (2021-Current)
    5. Advisory board member, Korean Convalescent Hospital Association (2019-Current)
    6. Director, The Korean society of Law and Medicine (2009-Current)
    7. Advisory board member, Gyeonggi-do Siheung-si Medical Association (W.Gyeonggi-do Elderly Protection Organization) (2021-Current)
    8. General manager, MD PARK, Inc. (2020-2023)
    9. Director, Convalescent Hospital with Dream (2020-2021)
    10. Administrative Vice-president, Jaon Medical Foundation (Gangnam Convalescent Hospital) (2019-2020)
    11. Advisory board member, Gyeonggi-do Siheung-si Medical Association (2018-2021)
    12. Director, Mismizbio, Inc. (2017-2019)
    13. General manager, Dream E&C, Inc. (2015-2019)
    14. Head of department, Dream Up Children Hospital (2015)
    15. Head of department, Lawfirm LK Partners (2014)
    16. Advisory board member, Advice on violence in emergency room, Ministry of Health and Welfare (2013)
    17. Advisory board member, Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency (2011)
    18. Special crime prevention commissioner, Seoul Probation Office (2022-2004)
    19. Head of department, Chung-ang Healthcare System (1993-2014)
  • Research Activities
    1. Ministry of Health and Welfare _ Guidelines, education, and monitoring measures to prevent emergency room violence(2013)
    2. Ministry of Health and Welfare(Central emergency medical center) - Study on the revision of Emergency Medical Care Act(2008-2009)
    3. Ministry of Health and Welfare - Study on the development of patient information protection manuals for medical institutions(2011)
    4. Korean Hospital Association - Study on the amount of compensation by type of accident through analysis of medical dispute cases(2010-2011)
    5. Bundang Seoul National University Hospital - Study on how to simplify hospital administrative documents(2011-2012)
    6. National Cancer Center, National Competitiveness Council - Study on privacy protection and utilization of cancer registration data(2012), etc.
  • Co-Authored
    1. Evidence-Based Practice, Korean Hospital Association, 2014 (reprinted 2019)
  • Thesis
    1. Training residents in the prevention of legal disputes, Journal of the Korean Medical Association, Korean Medical Association, 2013.
    2. An Investigation on Problems in the Procedures of Expert Opinion and Estimation of Future Medical Expenditure of Medical Institutions, Medical Law, Korean Medical Law Association, 2012.
    3. The adult guardianship system in the medical field, Bioethics Policy Research, Ewha Womans University Institute of Biomedical Law, 2011.
    4. Legal issues for long-term hospitalized patients, Bioethics Policy Research, Ewha Womans University Institute of Bioethics and Healthcare Law, 2010.
  • Awards
    1. Chung-Ang University Hospital Commendation(2013, 2019)
    2. Medical Association Newspaper Commendation(2014)
    3. Hospital Association President Commendation(2022), etc.