Law Firm Uisung

Practice Areas

Law Firm Uisung has various experiences and expertise in legal advice in the field of health care administration, administrative judgment and administrative litigation. In relation to various dispositions in the field of health care administration, which are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to judge, Law Firm Uisung provides optimal legal services by presenting solutions step by step in response to the needs of our clients.

  • Major Practice Areas
    1. Administrative adjudication claim and litigation for various administrative dispositions, including disposition for stoppage in business, disposition for retrieval of ill-gotten profits, disposition for imposition of fine and disposition for invalidation of doctor’s license
    2. Application of suspension of execution of various administrative dispositions
    3. Constitutional litigation including constitutional petition / adjudication on law in violation of constitution
    4. Submission of opinion on preliminary notification and participation in hearing procedure for administrative disposition by public health clinic and Ministry of Health & Welfare
    5. Submission of opinion and proceed with the procedure for presentation of objections to National Health Insurance Service and Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service